5 Years of Social AND Good 2019-2024

Each month, S4G forms a team to work with local nonprofits to identify and fulfill their critical need, as well as to plan an opportunity for members to engage with each other as they learn more about the nonprofit's mission and our impact.

From creating Welcome Bags for children entering a homeless shelter with something new to call their own, to purchasing cleaning products, making fleece blankets, and creating baskets for formerly incarcerated women or Veterans to take to their new homes, every month offers members ways to pool their funds to make an impact. Most months, members are asked to sponsor purchases in increments of $25 - a small amount with big results.

Since August 2019, S4G has collaborated with more than 40 local nonprofits through monthly projects designed to support their clients' needs.   

Click Here for a complete list of nonprofit partners, their focus area, and description of the S4G project.